The Team

Kenny Janeway

Kenny Janeway comes by his interest in machining honestly – following in his dad’s footsteps at the age of 16. When his father needed a subcontractor to manufacture DOD components, Kenny stepped up, worked with the bank to get a loan and bought his first machine. From there, it’s been a Cinderella story of business success.

Tonya Janeway

Tonya Janeway isn’t someone you’d expect to find in a machine shop. Her first job out of school was working for one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, ensuring that customer service seamlessly interfaced with teams on the floor. There, she learned to listen to the customer, anticipate their needs and guarantee that projects were on time and on budget – a Janeway principal of doing business from day one.

From there, she continued to be employed in manufacturing until starting work with her husband Kenny in their family machine shop, wearing every hat – involved in every project – and growing from a garage workshop to a state-of-the art 17,500 square foot facility based in Oklahoma today.